HEAD IN THE CLOUDS is a Belgian creative design brand founded by Lukas Das, that celebrates one of the most beautiful, powerful and at the same time controversial states of mind. This unique state that enables us to imagine, create, empower and grow as a human. A state that’s all too often neglected because of its escape from reality and the everyday drag of life.  

A tribute to those who dare to investigate all depths of life. Those who find confidence at the end of conformity. Those who dare to be. 
Drawing inspiration from life itself and all it has to offer, to observe what is often unobserved: the absurd, the daily, the seemingly trivial. To look at what is often overlooked. And to reveal what is often unrevealed. 

From an apparel line to a wide range of other products, we bring this philosophy to life through triggering designs that seek freshness, honesty, positivity and contrast. 

Head in the clouds. We see life.  
Head in the clouds. We feel no compromise.  
Head in the clouds. We finally put our feet back on the ground.  

And start to fly.